Have You Ever Tasted Italian Gelato in Amarillo, TX?

Have You Ever Tasted Italian Gelato in Amarillo, TX?

We have over 300 flavors at Cowboy Gelato Smokehouse

You’ll be hooked from the moment you try one of our delicious Italian gelato flavors. We offer 18 of our 300+ flavors each night for you to try and delight in. Have a glutton or dairy allergy? Not a problem at Cowboy Gelato Smokehouse! We have a wide variety of gluten-free and sorbet options for everyone.

We offer gelatos based with:

  • Milk
  • Water
  • Alcohol

Eager to try one? We knew you would be! We’re located on Old Historic Route 66 in Amarillo, TX. Stop by today and we’ll recommend one of our favorite flavors.

What is the difference between our gelato and ice cream?

Gelato has less cream and more milk than regular ice cream. Churned at a much slower rate, less air is introduced to our gelato. The finished product is denser and smoother than typical ice cream. Not to mention, when compared to ice cream, our gelato contains less fat. That’s something you can smile about while you lick away at one of our over 300 flavors. To order some of our gelato in bulk, call us at 806-376-5286.